Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Minecraft Build Contest #1 Winner

The winner of the first Minecraft building contest I've hosted in the Minecraft forums is


An amazing entry here guys. Really a fantastic job by all the competitors but this one stood out to me. The detail and time put into each and every part of this castle was mind blowing. Awesome job JackassJoe hope to see more from you. Be sure to check back in a couple weeks for the next winner and if you'd like to compete, register for a free account here and follow my instructions here.

Here is some eye candy!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Building Contest Entries

Here is a fun fact for you, I am an active moderator of the minecraftforums.net crazy right? I also run a MCX360 building contest over there and I'm bringing the entries for the contest straight to you. I'll update the list as they come in and of course the winner gets their own post detailing their creation. In no particular order.



i Lauderdale i








Monday, February 25, 2013

Underwater Base

I loved the idea of living underwater. Then I realized that with the power of Minecraft, I CAN! So I hopped to it and when straight to my favorite ocean seed. I chose Iron blocks as the main structural design with a nether brick accent. I think it looks rather nice. You'll follow the tunnel near the spawn right down into the indoor wheat and sugarcane farm where water flows in from outside down into the base. Keep following the bridge and you'll come into a hallway with identical rooms on both sides. The first set is a brewing stand/enchantment/kitchen area while the second set are bed rooms. There is also retractable lighting. Just a glowstone block with a block of gravel on top that is controlled by a piston. The most difficult (or should I say time consuming) part of this build was emptying out the water.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

SEED: Blackest Hole

Seed ID: Blackest Hole

Found this one while searching for a desert seed. Right in the middle of the map is filled with huge and I mean HUGE mountains. Awesome caves and cut away cliffs as well. I was already impressed but I kept looking and found that it had a flatland next to the mountains, great for building, and of the top left is where I found the Islands. I've got pictures of all three below but one is covered in trees and looks just awesome. North of that one is a flatland island that's a little bigger. North of that is a massive mushroom biome that is pretty close to max height. Really just a cool seed to try out.


Creation: Desert Palace

Somewhat of a micro-build but I still think its pretty nifty. I seem to always neglect the desert biome in all my worlds. Maybe I think its ugly maybe I hate cacti I don't know. Any who today I decided NO MORE will I let this semi useful wasteland go to erm...waste. I erected in my desert biome a beautiful palace made of sandstone, sand, soul sand, and sandstone slabs. Some nether brick fences were involved as well.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

SEED: Wolf

Seems like the last seed post was the pretty popular so I figured I'd put up another one. I found this little gem while searching for a good Island seed. The goal from the person I was trying to help was to have a central large Island that was somewhat flat with room to build and maybe another island with a nice mountain formation. I am glad to say I found a seed with exactly that. The seed is Wolf with the capital "W" and lowercase "olf" without the quotes.

You'll spawn onto a massive Island right in the middle of the map. The will be a village to your right and to my knowledge there are no trees on the Island.

At the top right corner of the map is the second Island, its got mountains and a swamp biome. Plenty of trees and a great place for a secondary build/base.

There are a couple Mushroom Biomes towards the bottom of the map along with a few really small Islands but still big enough for a house or two.

All in all a real gem of a seed for anyone looking for that survival Island seed. a Paradise among the Minecraft Universe. Seeing as these SEED posts are ranking the highest among page views I'll try to get more of them up here but feel free to check out some of my creations and other posts, its all good stuff I promise.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

WIP: Glass Dome

A while back I wanted to take a shot at building those giant glass domes you see in the more advanced worlds across the Minecraft universe. They seemed so interesting and admittedly complicated to build. Any who, after some research and a VERY useful link (plotz.co.uk) I was constructing spherical wonders in no time. So I through together this world just to test some of my skills out. The first couple pictures show off the outside of the main towers and the final picture gives you a peek inside the largest one (with the full dome). Just a little indoor park area I put together to make it seem mote livable. No houses or occupants as of yet but that is for a later date.